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NAG Newsletter Summer 2016 - and our next meeting on 19 July

The summer NAG newsletter is now online - available to download at the bottom of this page.


Our next meeting is as follows:

“AWE – Britain's Nuclear Weapons Factory: Past, Present and Possibilities for the Future”.

Presentation by Peter Burt of Nuclear Information Service.

Tuesday July 19th, 7pm at the RISC Centre, 35-39 London Street, Reading, RG1 4PS.

All welcome - admission free.

Government nuclear watchdog slammed over secrecy following failure to prosecute Atomic Weapons Establishment

Nuclear Awareness Group (NAG) has criticised the government's nuclear safety watchdog for refusing to explain why a Berkshire factory which manufactures the UK's nuclear weapons has not been prosecuted for treating its radioactive waste – despite having clearly broken the law.

Regulator lets Atomic Weapons Establishment off the hook over failure to treat radioactive waste

Nuclear Awareness Group has written to the government's nuclear safety regulator to ask why the  Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE) will not be prosecuted for failing to treat radioactive waste stocks which have accumulated at its Aldermaston site – even though the company defied a legally binding instruction by missing a deadline to deal with the waste.

Low Level Radiation: A local, national, and international issue

At a meeting on 29th April organised jointly by NAG and Reading Friends of the Earth, guest speaker Pete Wilkinson gave a talk about the health impacts of low level radiation and the campaign to get the nuclear industry and governments to recognise these impacts.  A copy of the presentation given by Pete is available for download below:


Low Level Radiation: A local, national, and international issue

Low level radiation: A local, national, and international issue

Public meeting with Pete Wilkinson (Director, Nuclear Information Service Committee on Radioactive Waste Management 2003 – 2006 Adviser to the Office of Nuclear Regulation)

All welcome - Admission free

7.00 pm Wednesday 29th April
Reading International Solidarity Centre
35 – 39 London Street, Reading, RG1 4PS

Organised by Reading Friends of the Earth and Nuclear Awareness Group

Twenty years of NAG!

In October 2014 NAG celebrated its twentieth anniversary, and to mark the event we held a special public meeting at Friends Meeting House in Reading.  Long-standing NAG member Evelyn Parker gave an account of NAG's history and campaign work on the Atomic Weapons Establishment over the years, which we have published below as a reminder of our achievements.  Our photo shows the Mayor of Reading, Tony Jones, and Green Party councillor Rob White at the meeting together with NAG members.




NAG Public Meeting on AWE emergency planning: 'From Fukushima to Reading: Public protection or public whitewash?'



NAG Public Meeting

From Fukushima to Reading: Public Protection or public whitewash?


Guest speaker: John Large (international consultant on nuclear safety)


Chaired by Paul Gittings, Lead Councillor for Environment and Climate change, Reading Borough Council



Wednesday 31 October 2012

7.00 pm - 9.00 pm


Reading International Solidarity Centre

35 - 39 London Street, Reading, RG1 4PS


Organised jointly by Nuclear Awareness Group and Reading Peace Group

All welcome - admission free



The Fukushima nuclear disaster has exposed serious shortfalls in nuclear emergency planning arrangements. In the light of the Fukushima crisis, independent nuclear safety consultant John Large has analysed emergency planning arrangments for the Atomic Weapons Establishment - the factory where the UK's nuclear weapons are made, barely ten miles from the major urban centre of Reading.

Just how safe are we? Join John Large for an evening of discussion and debate on the risks that the nuclear industry poses to the public.

All welcome - admission free.

Organised by Nuclear Awareness Group and Reading Peace Group.

Follow by brief NAG Annual General Meeting.


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